Ink is an old-fashioned word in the era of the Internet.

Media is moving rapidly online. No one writes with an inkwell and feather quill anymore. Few even use paper and pen at all.

But well-crafted writing never goes out of style. Good writing, like ink, leaves a permanent and tangible impression.

That’s the essence of Penning Ink. There are two parts  of Penning Ink: public relations consulting and publications.

Public Relations consulting from Tim Penning, PhD, APR, will make sure your messages are relevant to your publics and meet your organizational objectives. Penning Ink help organizations build capacity for public relations. Learn more under the PR Consulting Tab.

Books is the book publishing arm of Penning Ink. It’s where you’ll find my self-published book of newspaper columns. Coming soon I hope you’ll see non-fiction titles from established publishers.