Small Business Social Media

The current issue of MiBiz, in the Main Street Strategies section, has an interesting article by Michael Rogers, VP of Communications for the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM).

The article is based on results of a survey that shows small businesses are just starting to dip their toes in the waters of social media. As for SBAM, they seem to have dived right in: a Facebook page, regular ‘tweets’ on Twitter, a blog and podcasts, and upcoming on its web site will be more social opportunities for SBAM members to comment on stories.

It will be really social if SBAM allows members to post their own content and converse with other members, and not merely comment on SBAM directed content. But it’s a good start.

All of this makes me wonder–how many West Michigan PR pros, at businesses large and small, at nonprofits, and at government institutions–are using social media? I know I have observed and even blogged about social media at organizations in all three sectors. But I’d love to here more. Comment to this post. Email me what you’re doing and I’ll share it with GRPR readers. Or take the poll at right.

3 thoughts on “Small Business Social Media

  1. Sounds good Michael. Hosting a forum for your key publics is a way to add value to and drive traffic to your site. One caveat: sometimes it’s wise to put up a disclaimer and have the public forum in a micro site so your organization isn’t responsible for the views posted by anyone out there. Another possibility is to allow posts by members only, and only if they identify themselves, to eliminate the possibility of anonymous (and sinister) posts. Best wishes!


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