Rockford Construction Program Integrates Employee, Community, Consumer Relations

I was intrigued to see a LinkedIn post by Mason Nichols, Communications Manager at Rockford Construction, about a new program the company has called Rock Perks.

The program offers special perks to residents of Rockford Property Management, the urban apartments and condos the company has built, members of the company’s Blue35 co-working spaces, as well as employees of Rockford Construction.

The perks include special discounts at a number of local business partners, ranging from restaurants and coffee shops to an array of services.

This is a wonderful  example of the synthesis of three forms of public relations–employee relations, community relations, and consumer relations.

Employees gain from the obvious and unique benefit program. It’s great community relations because the company is partnering with other local businesses and serving as a business driver. And it’s a great extension of consumer relations because the work space tenants and living space residents have a deeper connection with the company.

It’s a win-win-win program that illustrates stakeholder theory, or how smart PR can balance and integrate the common interests of multiple stakeholders.

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