PR Consulting

As a full-time professor, Tim Penning can not be a full-service PR agency. What Penning Ink does is build your PR capacity with these services:

Communication Audits and Plans

Too much communication is done “shotgun” style, just sending out information, without any thought to whether it will be effective or not.

After a detailed meeting in which I get to know your organization, I review your current communication materials and assess whether your messages match your organizational objectives and if you are reaching all appropriate publics effectively. Then I write a thorough report with a plan full of strategies and recommendations for future communications.

Writing Workshops

Good writing has to be more than just grammatically correct. Great writing has to go beyond ‘just raising awareness.’

Penning Ink writing workshops help you or your staff enhance their writing so that it connects with your publics in uniquely meaningful ways. Participants will learn to break the mold of merely providing information to write in a way that is inspiring, persuasive, and motivational.

Media Training

Media interviews can be daunting, even if they are about a positive story.

Media training involves helping you and your staff to offer journalists of any medium clear, accurate, compelling, and usable information in interviews for the stories they do about your organization.


Most organizations don’t do research because of the time, expense, or lack of research skills.

Tim Penning can put his Ph.D. to work for you to get good information about any of your publics–what they think of you, and why. He can then prepare a detailed analysis of the data and how you can use it strategically. Having research conducted by a thoughtful and objective outsider can provide the crucial information you need to improve your communications and organizational effectiveness.

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